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Sarah is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher with a passion to share her knowledge and experience of astanga and hatha yoga.

The Yoga Hutch is a private tranquil space in Surbiton Surrey. We offer a warm friendly atmosphere where students benefit from clear instruction, gentle adjustment and a sensitive watchful eye.

We have a daily timetable of morning and evening classes suitable for beginners and more advanced students looking to take their practice to another level.

If you prefer individual sessions, we can arrange them to suit you.

As a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK, Sarah is a registered RYT 200 teacher, offering mentoring and teaching to other yoga teachers. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.


“You have provided me  with such a strong foundation in both the physical and the spirit of astanga yoga.” Nat

“So glad I’ve found the Hutch! I have been asking for a new teacher who is on my wave length….and there you were.” Becky

“I must admit to having mixed ideas about yoga as historically I was a running/cycling/tennis activist but I had a deep sense of wellbeing rise from yesterdays session. You are a wonderful teacher.” Vanessa

“Woo! I just had the most amazing martial arts class of my life, beat my personal best and my legs have never felt so loose for kicks. Monday’s Hatha was Pure Magic!” Shashi

“Yoga yesterday was the best ever.” Gail

“Sarah managed to fit in a lot of instruction. This was due to her great use of language, clarity and also her balanced use of physical and verbal cues” Nina

“Thank you for your fabulous teaching. I am feeling very blessed to have found you.” Anna

“Sarah is an excellant yoga teacher-she caters for all standards, has advice for those needing adjustments due to injury and is a soothing but fun presence in the studio. Since starting my classes, my flexibility has improved greatly and I feel much more confident in my practice. It’s hard to find the right yoga teacher but I would recommend Sarah to anyone.” M

  • Events and Workshops

    Christmas Mysore (assisted self practice) week:
    Sunday 28 Dec - Friday 2 Jan (excl Thursday)

    The timetabled classes stop on 21 Dec and begin again on 4 January.

    January Workshops:
    'Happy New Year -Setting Intentions for 2105' with Becky and Sarah.
    Dynamic hatha flow, meditation and restorative yoga. Exploring how to take openness, strength, flexibility and resolve into the year ahead.
    Saturday January 10, 3-6pm, at St Marys Community Hall. £25

    'Learn to Meditate' with Becky Pell
    4 hour long classes on 8, 15, 22, 29 January 6.30-7.30pm, at The Yoga Hutch. £40

    please contact me (Sarah) for more details about either of the workshops and for booking.

  • Contact

    Sarah 07703599609 sarah.theyogahutch@gmail.com
  • Class Overview

    Monday - Saturday

    Sunday - Thursday

    Beginners astanga:
    Tuesday 18.30-19.45
    Sunday (open class) 19.30-21.00

    Mysore (assisted self-practise):
    Saturday 09.00-11.00

    For detailed information please visit the timetable page.