Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual philosophy for life. it is a practise for everyone.

Yoga is an ancient practise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

The origins of yoga date back five thousand years to the Indus valley in Northern India. The word yoga means to ‘yoke’ or to unite’ to create a union between body and mind. Yoga is most commonly understood as the practice of postures ‘asanas’. It is through the physical practise of yoga asanas that many other elements begin to unfold and the practice becomes one of transformation, not just on your mat but into your daily life.

At The Yoga Hutch we predominantly teach guided astanga classes. Astanga yoga combines breath and movement in a vigorous physical practise. Astanga is a form of hatha yoga which relies on the practise of physical exercise to purify and strengthen the body and prepare it for liberation and enlightenment. Thursdays are dedicated to Vinyasa flow which is a dynamic creative and varied  yoga practice.  Our hatha classes are less vigorous and we spend time exploring various aspects of yoga including ‘pranayama’ yoga breathing.