Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Our weekly vinyasa flow class is taught by the multi-talented Sarah Marsh, a yoga teacher, physiotherapist and women’s health specialist.  A vinyasa flow class synchronises movement with breath and the breath is the most important factor of your practice. Yoga is a wonderful way to complement your daily activities and create greater balance and comfort within your body and mind. This vinyasa flow class is suitable for all.

Some benefits of a vinyasa flow class are:

– Yoga can help to improve your mobility by stretching muscles which may have become tight and overworked from repetitive movement patterns. This in turn increases mobility around the joints and improves efficiency.

– Yoga teaches us to engage the deep postural muscles which create strength and stability within the body. As good posture becomes more familiar, we begin to feel and recognise our optimal stance, allowing the body to work as a balanced system, without overstressing or compromising any one part.

– Yoga supports the development of strength in the muscles which are most-used in our chosen activities, whilst balancing this with greater core strength and stability.

– Yoga’s emphasis on optimal breathing patterns improves our breathing efficiency, by increasing the amount of available oxygen within the body. This in turn increases the rate of muscle-fuelling, repair, and recovery.

– Yoga’s attention to the mind-body connection improves our ability to concentrate, focus and respond.

In the vinyasa flow class we are encouraged to challenge our minds, open our hearts and so increase self awareness. It is an opportunity to explore your potential and build strength, flexibility and confidence on and off the mat.

Thursday evenings 8.00-9.15 at The Yoga Hutch

Please book online or contact Sarah
Sarah: 07703599609 or