Moon Days 2018

The Yoga Hutch is open for practise on moon days (the Full and new moon)

On these days we practise an adapted ‘moon sequence.’

Moon Days 2017/2108

○ Tuesday 2nd January – full moon
● Wednesday 17th January – new moon                                                                                                         ○ Wednesday 31st January
● Thursday 15th February
○ Friday 2nd March March
● Saturday 17th March
○ Saturday 31st March
● Monday 16th April
○ Monday 30th April
● Tuesday 15th May
○ Tuesday 29th May
● Wednesday 13th June
○ Thursday 28th June
● Friday 13th July
○ Friday 27th July
● Saturday 11th August
○ Sunday 26 August
● Sunday 9th September
○ Tuesday 25th September
● Tuesday 9th October
○ Tuesday 25th October
● Wednesday 7th November
○ Friday 23rd November
● Friday 7th December

○ Saturday 22nd December

A description of this class and our other restorative classes can be found under the ‘Yoga’ heading on the home page.