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Women’s health and wellbeing workshops

Sarah Marsh and I are delighted to offer you two workshops looking at how yoga can help our wellbeing at all stages of our life.

Both workshops are £40, and we will donate £10 to Ourmala/Warriors for Women charity.

Sunday 29 April 9am-1pm – Your wellbeing, menopause and yoga

Come along and learn how to care for yourself before during and after menopause. Menopause is one of the last taboo subjects; we don’t really talk about it, unless it’s a jokey “is it hot in here or is it just me?” Women have an amazing energy that ebbs and flows as we move through life. This energy changes around menopause; we can feel exhausted one minute and completely frenetic the next. We have hot flushes at the most inconvenient times, mood swings, aching muscles and joints… it can seem overwhelming as we try to ‘carry on as normal’.

This workshop will look at what happens to our bodies, hormones and emotions around menopause – and it’s not all bad! We will look at how we can work with these changes to our body and our minds, stay healthy and become healthier as we age; managing stress and care for ourselves a little better, reconnecting with ourselves and moving our own wellbeing higher up our to-do list.

We will offer you yoga, relaxation and some honest conversation with a little common sense that will help you learn more about your body at this time in your life; come prepared to move, breathe and laugh!

Outline for the day:

 We’ll start with a grounding, yet invigorating practice and then pause for coffee and cake!

We’ll look at what happens during menopause? The physiological and physical changes to our bodies: hormones, moods and our pelvic floor. The science of why breath and relaxation are so good for us. Living well and staying strong: realistic advice and tips for managing the symptoms of menopause. When to seek help and support and where to go.

The workshop will end with a restorative relaxation tapping into the intimate connection of body and mind.


Sunday 20 May 9am-1pm – 

Periods, pressure, pasta and pastries!

 This workshop will look at how yoga can help us at all stages of our monthly and life cycles. In our (often over) busy lives we rush from one commitment to the next and don’t have time to listen to what our bodies are saying to us. Our monthly cycle means we can feel so different one week to the next: different emotions, moods, food cravings…Should we change our practice when we have our period, should we practice inversions, not practice at all? The busyness we live in at work and/or home, children, parents means our nervous system is always on high alert. The pressure and our monthly cycle plays havoc with our food choices and energy – we crave pasta and pastries when we probably need more protein! It’s all connected!

This workshop will look at developing what we already know to some degree: yoga can help us to manage stress and pressure, balance our nervous system, but also to calm our moods and emotions and make good choices. We will look at learning to identify when and how to practice and also how to make small changes to help us feel more healthy and balanced.

Outline for the day:

We’ll start the workshop with a dynamic but calming practice that honours our monthly cycle, then continue the theme and pause for coffee and cake!

We will look at how our monthly cycle can affect our moods emotions and our energy and the food we choose. How to manage the inevitable pressure and stress we feel in our busy lives with tips and strategies to try, including identifying our triggers, learning to listen to how we feel. The science behind making new and breaking old habits.

We’ll end the workshop with a relaxing restorative practice reconnecting our body and mind.

Sarah Marsh is a women’s health physiotherapist, yoga teacher and wellbeing presenter.

She is passionate about providing a holistic approach when working with her patients; integrating yoga into her physiotherapy treatment, and vice versa. She works with women at all life stages helping them to stay strong and healthy. FOR WOMEN Your practice will give yoga to people forced to be refugees and asylum-seekers, including survivors of trafficking and modern-day slavery.


Yoga for Beginners  Tuesday evenings 7.30-8.45. (optional second practice only class on Thursday evenings)

The holistic health benefits of yoga are seriously wonderful! You can expect to feel stronger, more energetic, firmer, more flexible, calmer and more focussed. During this six week Introduction to Astanga Yoga course you will learn the critical aspects of this ancient practice, a practice steeped in wisdom and backed up by modern science. You will learn to move with the correct breath, why where we gaze is important, the reason we Om. The course will give you a strong foundation to enable you to practice in any of our classes and also at home.
We will work on the critical aspect of linking breathing with movement, the vinyasa for the ultimate moving meditation. You learn a little about the philosophy of yoga and also be led through meditation and relaxation techniques.

We are an Astanga studio and passionate about the benefits this ancient practice can offer. Your course will be based on the tradition of Astanga which is a powerful yet subtle practice. It is a practice that takes time and patience to learn and creates a blueprint for wellbeing that begins on the mat and manifests itself in everything we do.
This course will offer the foundations of a yoga practice and we work with each individual to establish the beginnings of a yoga practice both in a class-led environment and a home self-practice.

Our next course begins on Tuesday evening 1 May with the option of a second practice each week included in the course cost on a Thursday evening. (7.45-9pm at St Mary’s Community Hall)

Please contact Kate 07415 985 403 for more information


Monthly Classes:

Sunday Restorative Class.

On the last Sunday of each month we teach a special class unwinding and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to arise and heal. In this restorative yoga class we guide you through a blissful sequence of restorative postures exploring every aspect of our bodies and selves.

“I am amazed at how little I knew this body I call home before I found yoga” Becky Pell. ‘RocknRoll yogi’

Next classes: Sunday 22 and Friday 27 April, Friday 25 May 19.30-20.15


Friday evening Yin Class

One friday evening each month caroline teaches her Yin class.A yin practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. It promotes healing, mobility and suppleness in the joints, fascia and connective tissue (mainly around our knees, pelvis, sacrum and spine) that we lose as we age or because of injury.

Next Classes:  13 April and 11 May. 18.30-20.30





Find Your Balance – An Astanga and Restorative Yoga Retreat

22-29 September 2018, Almeria, Spain

Join me and Becky Pell (500hr teacher and yoga therapist) in beautiful southern Spain for an unforgettable yoga getaway! Develop your Astanga practice each morning, then balance that dynamic energy with a late afternoon class blending slow Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga to nurture the body, mind and spirit. There will also be five optional afternoon workshops to help you deepen your understanding of yoga. All levels of yoga experience are welcome.

The stunning yoga venue of Huzur Vadisi is on the edge of one of Europe’s most remote and beautiful national parks offering peace and isolation with a spectacular mountain backdrop. Almeria is Spain’s sunniest region and one of the least visited. Its proximity to North Africa means that the area is semi-desert, dry and dramatic, with imposing mountains and dazzling sea. It’s an amazing landscape of perfect half-moon bays, hidden coves, bizarre volcanic rock formations, a wonderful wild coastline. The venue is in a peaceful, isolated location, just half an hour from Almeria airport but within walking distance of the lovely traditional local village of Nijar.

The venue consists of the main house, which won awards in the 80’s for its striking modernist design, and a cortijo or farm that has been converted in the original local style into charming accommodation, located a couple of hundred yards from the main house. It sits in the semi-desert landscape amid lush gardens, its architecture echoing ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Both houses have their own beautiful natural swimming pool fed by spring water and filtered by reed beds. Each house accommodates up to twelve people in shared twin or double rooms, or single occupancy.

Other things to do

There are several scenic walks of varying lengths straight from the Finca. The pretty, local village of Nijar offers a variety of craft shops and picturesque places to sit and have a drink al fresco. There are also tennis courts in Nijar and a nearby hotel offers horse-riding. There are several secluded sandy beaches a twenty minute drive away.


Early bird (deposit of £275 paid before 28th Feb): £865 shared and £975 single occupancy. One small single room is available: £865.

After 128th Feb: £895 shared/small single and £1005 single occupancy. Prices include accommodation, 3 meals a day and all your yoga (one evening dinner not provided, when we will go out to the local town.)

Flights: Easy jet, Thomas Cook and Ryan Air all fly to Almeria, half an hour away. (prices currently start at £65 return)

Please contact me to reserve your spot!


  • News

    Friday evenings -Restorative or Yin classes every other week:

    Restorative Yoga classes -Friday and Sunday evenings:  This Sunday 22 April and next Friday 27 April 7.30-9pm

    Yin Yoga – next class Friday 11 May 6.30-8.30pm


    Beginners Astanga:

    Tuesday evenings 7.30-8.45pm theory, principals and practice

    Thursdays evenings 7.45-9pm shortened practice (optional second class)

    Next course begins 1 May.

    A six week course to begin or develop your enquiry into the eight limbed practice of astanga. This course is open to anyone who would like to learn more about and be guided through this amazing practice. Numbers are limited to 8. The course runs on Tuesday evenings and you may come and practice with us free of charge on a Thursday evening too at St Mary’s Community Hall.


    Shortened sequence Astanga class (suitable for anyone inquisitive about developing or beginning an astanga practice)
    Tuesday 9.30-10.45am, Wednesday 11.15-12.30am and Thursday 7.30-8.45pm (7.45-9pm from 3 May)



    Your wellbeing, menopause and yoga -Sunday 29 April 9am-1pm (Fully booked)

    Yoga and women’s wellbeing – Sunday 20 May 9am-1pm



    Late Summer Retreat in Almeria, Spain. 22-29 Sept:

    Join Sarah Vaughan and Becky Pell to ‘find your balance’ with a week of astanga and restorative yoga practice, time to relax and unwind. The venue is a beautiful bohemian home converted to accommodate yoga groups near the imposing mountains and dazzling sea in  Almeria, southern  Spain.

    For more information about any of the above please contact Sarah: 07703 599609

    or Kate: (for beginners courses) 07415 985403

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