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Kundalini Yoga invigorates your mind, body and spirit with movement, sound, breath and meditation.

Kundalini energy is cosmic energy that reside within each and everyone of us. It is the connection between body and spirit and is fundamental to every Yoga practice.

Kundalini is often visualised as a sleeping serpent at the base of our spine. Kundalini channels our energy from the base of the spine and is stimulated and raised with the application of different postures (asana), breath-work (pranayama), locks (bandhas), chants (mantra) and meditation (dhyana).

We structure these classes within 6 week courses to comit to a series of classes and deepen your knowledge and awareness of this sublime practice. Each supported with a recording a additional written information, Kundalini raises the body’s vibration and is a great way of bringing your yoga practice to a new level.

suitable for all levels.

Kundalini - 6 week courses (online and in the studio)

Monday evenings 8-9.30pm

Our next course 'The 5 Thieves of Happiness' begins in September

6 Sept' - 11 Oct'

The 5 Thieves Of Happiness - As yogis we cultivate our body and mind to reach a state of clarity and calm. When going through our day to day life, we are facing challenges that bring us out that “yoga mind” and we easily fall into old habitual patterns. This behaviour of our mind is completely normal. Like strengthening our muscles with regular exercise, we need to practise yoga regularly to cultivate a mental resilience that awakens a state of mindfulness. “The Five Thieves” are projections that influence our daily behaviour. Greed, Lust, Anger, Attachement and Negative Ego are such projections. Rather than blocking these influences, we try to be aware of them and to re-direct their qualities into energies that serve us better. This six week Kundalini Yoga course will guide you through these thieves utilising pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation.

I invite you to join me on this inner journey to happiness.

Sat Nam

Srinivasan (Marc)



"I am prettty new to yoga and Marc has made me feel so welcome and comfortable as if I had been doing it for years! I absolutely cherish our Monday night class and its such a beautiful start to the week" Lauren

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