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Guided Astanga

guided astanga class is the perfect place to begin, learn and maintain your practice. We share the energy of everyone moving and breathing together with constant instruction, support and adjustment from the teacher. We follow the traditional vinyasa method, which teaches us how to move through the sequence inhaling and exhaling in and out of postures and remaining within the 'state of the asana' for the correct count. This traditional method using Sankrit to count and name the postures connects us with yogis around the world who practice in the same way. A guided class will offer you the motivation and instil the discipline required for a regular astanga practice. These classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis and Sarah will support your practice appropriately. We also offer 'shortened' guided astanga classes. These classes give us more time to work with particular themes and patterns that may arise. We stay with the method and the order of the practice and may pause and 'play' with poses to search for other ways to find freedom and space in the body whilst working with the breath. These classes are a good place to begin and develop your practice and may feel more appropriate in the evenings when your energy is a little less than for a morning class. Once you have learned and established your practice you may want to move onto a more independent method of practice with a self practice 'Mysore' class. 'Mixing Mysore classes with led classes can be good to keep the practice fresh. Some people prefer being told what to do and when to do it. For these people, obviously, a guided class is good. Others prefer to work independently and figure things out on their own. For them, a Mysore class is good. But perhaps another perspective is that some independent spirits may benefit from the discipline of a guided class and some more dependent spirits could benefit from the independence that the Mysore format provides. The most important thing, of course, is to practice.' Tim Miller]]>

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