Becky Pell (a.k.a rocknroll yogi) and I come together annually to host our popular ‘Find Your Balance’ astanga and restorative yoga retreats. You will come away feeling both revitalised and energised, and deeply rested and restored and you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful parts of the world whilst making new friends. Both healthy and indulgent, this is a chance to profoundly nourish yourself whilst deepening, or perhaps beginning your yoga practice.


'Find your balance' Astanga and Restorative yoga retreats with                    Sarah Vaughan and Becky Pell

What does 'find your balance' mean to those on our retreats?
It can mean so many things..finding some quiet time to relax and unwind, finding a deeper more profound space to think and reset, maybe some energetic time to really work with aspects of your practice that you may feel stuck with or bewildered by, and of course finding new friends and your 'tribe.'

The two practices of Astanga and Becky's style of restorative, yin and slow flow Yoga, whilst seemingly so different are at the same time so complimentary to each other. They originate from the same source of yoga in its ancient context, and from Krishnamacharya's teaching in Mysore in the 1930's.

As is often the case, in our most recent retreat we had a complete mix of yogis including beginners that have never practiced astanga before and  'seasoned' second series practitioners. In Puglia all our yogis come together and found their own Mysore practice that supports where they are in their own yoga journey. It was an absolute delight to watch and assist each and every one of the 'retreaters' grow through the week and quite often find things that they least expect!

Becky is a clinically trained registered yoga therapist and supports everyone through the week with restorative evening sessions. In Puglia the sessions were based on the prana vayus.  We get energy prana in all sorts of ways; fresh healthy food, sunshine, relationships, spending time in nature and of course breathing...there was certainly an abundance of prana!

We are delighted to have already secured dates and locations for our next  two retreats together in 2020 and will announce them very soon.

2020 23 Feb - 1 March Vikasa yoga retreat, Koh Samui

We are delighted to be returning to the place where we began - the wonderful Vikasa retreat centre on tropical Koh Samui in 2020. This retreat is fully booked but watch this space for our September 2020 retreat.

2019 – YogaPulia retreat in Puglia, Italy

YogApulia is a boutique retreat centre exclusively for yoga and meditation practice, set up and run by dedicated yoga practitioners Mark & Nicola.

They have created an intimate space in tune with the natural rhythm of nature where guests can escape from the demands of the modern world to deepen their practice in the beautiful, peaceful setting of the Valle d’Itria in Apulia, Italy.

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2018 – Huzur Vadisi retreat in Almeria, Spain

The stunning yoga venue of Huzur Vadisi is on the edge of one Europe's most remote and beautiful national parks offering peace and isolation with a spectacular mountain backdrop.

Huzur Vadisi are established retreat company and we look forward to returning here for many years to come.


2017 – Vikasa yoga retreat in Koh Samui

An incredible Thai experience of silver beaches, temples, waterfalls, exquisite food and incredible massages.


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