Our teachers


Sarah Vaughan opened The Yoga Hutch in 2006. The Yoga Hutch is her home, her studio, her life and her practise. She shares her passion with everyone who comes through the door, opening every day to a community of yogis who roll out their mats and share in the energy of this special space.

Sarah is registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

I began practising yoga in the Iyengar method and practised both yoga and pilates for several years. When I discovered astanga yoga I immediately loved the dynamic energy and discipline it offers. Astanga unites the body and the mind in a physically demanding practise which enhances health, stamina, flexibly and mental focus. Becoming familiar with the primary and intermediate series has given me an understanding of the subtle, natural and graceful flow that is astanga.

Astanga yoga quickly became a passion, the energy and devotion required for astanga inspired and encouraged me to build up my own dedicated daily practice. Yoga has taken me on a personal journey of well-being and inner calm.

I trained and qualified at Union Yoga in Edinburgh, with Brian Cooper and Nawajyoti in 2007, and am certified with Yoga Alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT).

I have also trained with David Swenson and practiced with many more inspiring teachers both at home and abroad. These include (amongst others) my first teacher James Bradford. Gingi Lee, Matthew Sweeney, Paul Grilley, Liz Lark, Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. I have also practiced with Sri K. Pattabji Jois and Sharat  in London. I am grateful for the immense knowledge of Donna Farhi and amazing spirit and generosity of John Scott.

Having also completed a pregnancy yoga teacher training course, with Nadia Narain (a student of Gurumukh), the joy, openness and empowerment that the discipline of yoga offers us at any stage of life is a passion I love to share.

Yoga is a journey of self realisation and I continue to learn from my teachers  and colleagues, the wonderful Scott Johnson and Andy Gill at Stillpoint Yoga London and from everyone I teach and practice with.

The Yoga Hutch has grown into a community of shared energy and focus. It delights me every day to offer a place to find the full potential of our body, mind, individual spirit, essential truth and consciousness.

Sarah owns, manages and teaches at The Yoga Hutch.


Kate Woodward - I started practicing yoga in 2001 after slipping a disc in my back; the result of picking my baby son off the sofa.  I can still remember the doctors words as he advised me to take up yoga “treat your spine like a fragile column of glass, strengthen your core, your legs and all the other muscles that will allow your back to do it’s job without having to do the work that other parts should be doing”. I took his words seriously.  Little did I know back then that yoga would become a hugely significant part of my life; not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In 2012, whilst living in France I completed my 200 hours yoga training with a wonderful teacher; Yuko Harmenies. Yuko and her husband Nick Marshall teach ‘Functional Ashtanga Yoga’, a beautifully pragmatic approach to Ashtanga yoga that brings a huge degree of flexibility and adaptability to the practice whilst staying true to the philosophy and fundamentals.

I ran my own yoga business in France before returning to the UK in 2016 where I met Sarah Vaughan who has since become my teacher, my mentor, my colleague and my friend.

I now teach regularly at The Yoga Hutch specialising in beginners and shortened ashtanga classes.  I believe Ashtanga yoga is suitable for anyone, with the right adaptations and approach this incredible practice is accessible to all ages, shapes and sizes.  My passion is to enable people to enjoy their practice. I believe in weaving yoga into our lives rather than restricting it to something that we do a few times a week on our mat. My ambition is to get to India, to the home of yoga because I’ve still never been!

Kate teaches our beginners courses and shortened astanga classes.

Laura Dade- I have been practicing yoga for ten years, and it was truly my ultimate support system as I travelled the world as a professional singer/dancer. I finally took a leap of faith and decided to delve into teaching this beautiful practice, as a result my life has truly been transformed and I have not looked back since!

I am a registered Yoga Alliance RYS 200 teacher and I teach classes of varying styles, with my main focuses being Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Nidra. I studied under the most profound teachers in Rishikesh, India, Where Yoga ever first began. I knew that If I truly wanted to learn the inner most depths of yoga,

then I would travel to the birth place and learn from the masters and Gurus themselves.This was a life changing experience, and I feel so passionate about sharing the knowledge that I gained to help transform other peoples lives too. I truly believe in my heart that we can all lead a life of inner joy, love and abundance. Yoga is the vehicle that can help you to free yourself from any form of mental or physical suffering to help you live the life that you deserve, and it is an absolute honour as a teacher to help people achieve this incredible freedom. As someone who has faced great challenges with my physical health, I first handedly experienced the healing magic that is Yoga, and just how it can truly rebuild your body, mind and spirit.


My classes always include a lot of mindfulness and focus on the breath throughout, as I move you through some gorgeous Asanas, Pranayama and sun salutations. I also bring a deep focus to correct alignment, because I know that by developing the technique we are able to grow immensely in our practice and achieve great things! Finally I always bring some gratitude and self love into my classes, because lets face it...where would we be without them!

Laura's hatha classes are on Monday evenings


Kate Towers- My first ever yoga class was as a teenager with a friend’s mum. I recall thinking at the time how nice it felt to move my body in this way, yet surprisingly challenging. I didn’t practice yoga again until I was in my late twenties, when it literally found me at my office! I worked in the City at the time doing a somewhat different practice, that of a lawyer. Needless to say, I was no stranger to stress in such a role.

Connecting me with the breath, the yoga practice calmed my mind and grounded me … helping me to tune out of the stress and be in the moment.

  After nearly 20 years of practice, I still feel those benefits and, together with the strength, flexibility and balance it has granted me are the reasons I turn up on my mat ...

I have always leaned towards a dynamic form of yoga and discovered Ashtanga in 2011. I was weak after the birth of my second child and the practice soon helped me regain my strength. I was drawn to how I could work deeper in each pose while bringing the focus inwards. When I transitioned to the Mysore room, my practice transformed and I developed in so many ways, by virtue of the great teachers that I have been lucky enough to practice with: Sarai Harvey-Smith, Sarah Vaughan, Melanie Cooper and Scott Johnson.

Having thought about qualifying as an instructor for a long time, I finally took the plunge in 2018, when I completed my Ashtanga & Yin teacher training with Melanie Cooper.  I realised that qualifying later in life was an asset; I feel I have a lot to share. I prioritise making yoga, particularly Ashtanga, accessible to everyone. Further, I try and instil in students the need for self-care through a practice of Ashtanga and Yin yoga. I am also intrigued by how the body functions or sometimes fails to! I have therefore strived to develop my working knowledge of anatomy, which helps to guide students through any issues they are experiencing with their practice.

Kate teaches her Yin class on Thursday evenings and assists in the Mysore room on Saturdays.

Marc Muller- Having practised Tai Chi and Qi Gong throughout my teenage years I was intrigued by the refined energy that I noticed collecting in my body and wanted to find a way to work further with this energy. I moved to London at the age of 19 and started looking for a teacher to maintain practice but could not seem to find the right place or instructor. The yoga market was much more established in London compared to my hometown so I decided to give this discipline a try. I immediately felt a very deep connection of body and mind that I have never felt before, I was blown away by the tranquility that this special tradition brought into my life.


In 2010 I traveled to India to experience the roots of Yoga in a Bhakti Yoga Ashram in the holy city of Vrindavan. My initial Yoga teacher training took place in this Ashram. In the following years I undertook further training with David Swenson (Ashtanga Yoga) and The Yoga People (Mandala Vinyasa Yoga) to deepen my understanding and teaching skills. I believe that everyones' Yoga path is unique and individual and should never be forced but practised with compassion and gratitude.