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Our teachers


Sarah Vaughan. I opened my studio 'The Yoga Hutch' in 2006 and and since then it has been my practice, my centre and my life. I share this passion with everyone who comes through the door and open each day to a community of yogis who roll out their mats and share in the energy of our special space.

I am registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Twenty years ago my yoga practice began with the  structure and precision of Iyengar. Then, when a friend introduced me to Astanga, I immediately loved the dynamic energy and discipline it offers. Astanga unites the body and the mind in a physically demanding practise which enhances health and well-being, stamina, strength, flexibly and inner calm. With continued practice the system becomes more subtle and reveals a quieter place of mental clarity. It's important to note however, that yoga is not something to be experience only after years of practice, but something everyone can benefit from now.

Sutra 2.20 Drasta drsimatrah suddho pi pratyayanupasyah...The Seer is nothing but the seeing which, although pure, appears to see the the mind. (our pure consciousness is unchanging - we are all the same light)


I trained and qualified at Union Yoga in Edinburgh, with Brian Cooper and Nawajyoti in 2005, and am certified with Yoga Alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT).

I have also trained with David Swenson and have practiced with many more inspiring teachers both at home and abroad. These include (amongst others) my first teacher James Bradford. Gingi Lee, Matthew Sweeney, Paul Grilley, Liz Lark, Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. I have also practiced with Sri K. Pattabji Jois and Sharat  in London. I am grateful for the immense knowledge of Donna Farhi and amazing spirit and generosity of my time learning with John Scott.

Having also completed a pregnancy yoga teacher training course, with Nadia Narain (a student of Gurumukh), the joy, openness and empowerment that the discipline of yoga offers us at any stage of life is a passion I love to share. I offer mentoring and support to new teachers and have been involved with teacher training at the Classical School of Yoga with June Mitchell.

I travel regularly and am eternally a student of yoga. My current  inspiration comes form my amazing sangha practice community, and my more recent studies with Manju Jois - Second Series teacher training, Kia Naddermeir - In-Depth Development Training in Paris and Gregor Maehle - Pranayama and Yoga Sutra training.

Recently, I have trained as a somatic movement therapist with Tanya Fitzpatrick and this has transformed my yoga and my teaching. It has deepened my understanding of our movement patterns and enabled me to spot where we hold tension, to assist people to move with more agility and release chronic tension and pain.

The Yoga Hutch has grown into a community of shared energy and focus. It delights me every day to offer a place to find the full potential of our body, mind, individual spirit, essential truth and consciousness.

Sarah owns, manages, mentors and teaches at The Yoga Hutch.


Becky Pell  'find your balance retreats'

My story so far -Since falling in love with music at an early age, I wanted to be a live sound engineer. In my 20s I made that a reality, and I’ve been touring worldwide as a professional sound engineer with high-profile bands since 1995. Along the way I also fell in love with yoga, and after several years of practice I travelled to Bali to train as a teacher (YTT500), so that I could share yoga’s life-changing magic with others.
Since then I have also qualified as a Yoga Therapist after training for 2 years at Yogacampus in London – I am accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy and a registered therapist with Yoga Australia.
My music clients include Anastacia, Take That, Westlife, Kylie Minogue, A-ha, Muse and Natalie Imbruglia, and each year I run sound on the Pyramid Stage at the world’s largest festival, Glastonbury.
I am also a published writer – I contribute to Australian Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Om magazine,, The Stage and

When I’m on the road with bands, I teach yoga and meditation to the artists and musicians I tour with. Between tours I lead workshops and retreats, and I see private clients for yoga therapy. In my Yoga Therapy workshops you can expect therapeutic yoga practices – a blend of slow Hatha, restorative yoga and meditation along with education and practical tools to help you with whatever issue we are addressing. I also teach ‘juicy’ Vinyasa workshops, and these are rich with music, yoga philosophy, intention, symbolism and inspiration. I run retreats internationally a couple of times a year, usually in conjunction with another teacher, and these are a great opportunity to explore new places whilst getting to know yoga – and yourself! – better.

Originally from England, I am now based in the Sunshine Coast region of Australia. The unconventional and nomadic nature of my life means that I’ve learnt to get creative with my yoga practice, and it’s made every aspect of my life easier. My passion is helping you to develop a ‘yoga toolkit’, to navigate your life’s journey with comfort and ease.

Kate Towers- My first ever yoga class was as a teenager with a friend’s mum. I recall thinking at the time how nice it felt to move my body in this way, yet surprisingly challenging. I didn’t practice yoga again until I was in my late twenties, when it literally found me at my office! I worked in the City at the time doing a somewhat different practice, that of a lawyer. Needless to say, I was no stranger to stress in such a role.

Connecting me with the breath, the yoga practice calmed my mind and grounded me … helping me to tune out of the stress and be in the moment.

  After nearly 20 years of practice, I still feel those benefits and, together with the strength, flexibility and balance it has granted me are the reasons I turn up on my mat ...

I have always leaned towards a dynamic form of yoga and discovered Ashtanga in 2011. I was weak after the birth of my second child and the practice soon helped me regain my strength. I was drawn to how I could work deeper in each pose while bringing the focus inwards. When I transitioned to the Mysore room, my practice transformed and I developed in so many ways, by virtue of the great teachers that I have been lucky enough to practice with: Sarai Harvey-Smith, Sarah Vaughan, Melanie Cooper and Scott Johnson.

Having thought about qualifying as an instructor for a long time, I finally took the plunge in 2018, when I completed my Ashtanga & Yin teacher training with Melanie Cooper.  I realised that qualifying later in life was an asset; I feel I have a lot to share. I prioritise making yoga, particularly Ashtanga, accessible to everyone. Further, I try and instil in students the need for self-care through a practice of Ashtanga and Yin yoga. I am also intrigued by how the body functions or sometimes fails to! I have therefore strived to develop my working knowledge of anatomy, which helps to guide students through any issues they are experiencing with their practice.

Kate guides our Restorative Yin  on the Yin and Gong bath evenings.

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