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Somatic movement courses

        Somatic Movement Therapy - Courses

What is somatic movement therapy?

 Somatic movement is a gentle movement system that returns the body and the mind to a balanced state of ease, agility and alignment.

We work with the nervous system to re-pattern our muscular responses to stress, injuries, accidents and the accumulation of poor postural habits.

A gentle and empowering practice.

Through a variety of specific movements we learn to identify where we hold stress and tension, retrain muscle memory, relieve pain and return to an easeful sense of wellbeing.

"Somatic movement changes your muscular system by changing your nervous system"

Thomas Hanna


My teaching


Key to my teaching is integrity, connection and developing a deeper understanding of the 'self' with care, awareness and wisdom.

My somatic movement teaching has enabled me to see with greater clarity and offer lasting solutions to enhance your awareness. helping you to avoid repeated injury and to free yourself of pain; instead to find ease, fluidity and vitality.


Somatic movement therapy for hips, legs and feet

In this five-week course we will work throughout the body to come down through the ankles and feet to the ground.
Understanding our movement patterns to adapt and relearn the small adaptions that make huge differences.

Repeated practice of slow, conscious voluntary movements give us sensory feedback from the muscles and the nervous system learns to refind their natural 'easeful' length.

Each week you will have a short practice to take home with a recording and worksheets.

This course is suitable for anyone who practices yoga, intense sports that require leg strength, or those with discomfort or instability.

Sunday mornings
5 november - 3 december



Somatic movement therapy -embodied movement to find ease, wellbeing and to improve your mood!

Join me on a Sunday morning for fluid somatic sequencing, exploring the subtlety of movement. Gentle grounded sequences to feel where we may be holding tension and to gradually find ease. A gentle and empowering practice that retrains the nervous system to finally understand it is safe to let go of both physical and emotional holding patterns.

In this six-week course I will hold a quiet explorative space for you to explore and understand ways to regulate your nervous system. Each week you will take away short practices to integrate into your yoga practice or simply your daily life that really will make a difference to you overall sense of wellbeing.

The course will cover aspects of:
- Skull to sacrum (whole spine) connection
- Viscera (internal soft organs of the body)
- Fascia - connections throughout the body
- Grounding through the feet into the earth
- Our centre of gravity -the hips and pelvis
- Our centre line -sensing the world around and within us.

Wednesday evenings
1 November 6 December

book your space here - £80


"My experience has been magical and transformative both physically and mentally. I am already amazed at how the pain disappears from my shoulder every time I practice the exercises you gave me. It is such an interospective experience that  I started to notice small signs and niggles that I would normally ignore, not only in my body but also in my mind. I now pay more attention to these signs so that I can safely improve my mobility in my shoulder. This would not have been possible without your guidance. Thank you"!  Maki

"Thanks for the opportunity to practice Somatics. It's been a great experience learning and bringing awareness to my postural habits and finding gentle movements that help undo areas that I could never quite get rid of. I loved last weeks class with the hip hikes, never have my rib cage and hips felt as much space. I noticed the difference after the class as soon as i started walking. My left hip felt freer and more inline with my right. Can't wait to learn more about cogs and bring more awareness to my practice."

"I am blessed to have you in my life, thanks for all your awasome tuition and sharing your knowledge."

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