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“Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to learn and develop a personal practice. The Hutch is a much needed restorative sanctuary for my body and mind.”


“I am blessed to have you in my life, thanks for all the awesome tuition and sharing your knowledge”


“You are such a special teacher and mentor, I definitely won the jackpot in finding the Hutch"


"Kate's Yin yoga class is the highlight of the week - the time seems to slow, your mind clears and your body takes a deep breath of relief. Kate's inclusive and hands-on style mean that each body or ability is catered for, with props and and helpful positioning. A soundtrack of poems and soothing words complete the hour of bliss! I am a big fan of her teaching style and each week offers a learning experience."


“Thank you for your fabulous teaching. I am feeling very blessed to have found you.”


"I loved attending your class last night. Both of you were so knowledgable and gave great tips for my hip injuries, I am so glad I found your little studio...this is just what I need for this next stage of my practice." 


Beginners yoga course:- "Thank you so much for running such wonderful sessions - exactly the right balance of all the things that matter"


“Sarah managed to fit in a lot of instruction. This was due to her great use of language, clarity and also her balanced use of physical and verbal cues”


“I must admit to having mixed ideas about yoga as historically I was a running/cycling/tennis activist but I had a deep sense of wellbeing rise from yesterdays session. You are a wonderful teacher.”


“Sarah is an excellant yoga teacher-she caters for all standards, has advice for those needing adjustments due to injury and is a soothing but fun presence in the studio. Since starting my classes, my flexibility has improved greatly and I feel much more confident in my practice. It’s hard to find the right yoga teacher but I would recommend Sarah to anyone.”


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Please click here for our timetable, go to the date of your first class for booking. Contact Sarah 07703599609/ if you have any questions.

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