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What is Somatic Movement?

Somatic movement is a gentle effective movement technique where we learn specific movements to release tension and pain. Techniques where we relearn our natural impulse towards vitality and health.

"Somatic movement can help you address those recurring muscular pains and quality life patterns than never seem to fully go away."


Somatic Movement teaches us to recognise how daily life creates patterns and accumulates stress that gets stuck within our system. It is a functional movement system that acts as a key to unlock ease, mobility and alignment in the body.


It empowers us to move out of dysfunctional movement patterns and engage in techniques that release chronic pain find ease and spaciousness again.


Through gentle specific movements we retrain muscle memory and relieve pain for good.


“Somatic movement changes your muscular system by changing your central nervous system.”

Thomas Hanna- Founder of Clinical Somatics Education.


How can somatic movement help?


  • Releases chronic muscle tension and joint pain
  • Enhances recovery from injury or poor postural habit
  • Prevents recurring injuries
  • improves athletic performance
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • improves sleep and breathing quality
  • Prevents joint degeneration


Who is somatic movement suitable for?

  • Everyone!


There are various ways you can practice Somatic movement with me:

1. Weekly Yoga and Somatics class

Using somatic movements to complement and enhance the benefits of a traditional yoga practice.

Monday mornings 9.15-10.45


2.  Somatic movement courses.

These courses target specific regions of the body and support you through the process of learning how to identify and release stuck stress. Learning step by step how to move from within your own body enabling repair, alleviating pain and undoing tension and trauma.

Wednesday evenings and/or Sunday mornings

3. 1-1 Somatic Movement therapy

The fastest way to alleviate pain and improve your wellbeing.

We begin with a gentle postural and movement assessment to understand what is causing your pain and how to regain optimal mobility.


Your initial 90 min' assessment is followed up with 3 or 6 weekly 1hr sessions where we build a personal program of daily practice to move towards greater ease and to heal.


Please contact Sarah directly to book your first session


Somatic movement therapy is suitable for:

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • sciatica
  • sacroiliac joint pain
  • postural imbalance
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • tension headaches



"This somatic movement course has been incredible for me on a physical and mental level. Increased range of movement and reduced muscle tension / discomfort happened so much faster than I thought possible: they are instant after each session. Doing this movement weekly is slowly but very surely unclenching areas in my body where I've held tension for the past months or even years. It's been profound for me to learn how stretching doesn't serve me when tension, soreness or decreased range of movement is involved. Rather, I'm learning that the solution is to feel it, lean into it and release from there with targeted exercises. Creating a sense of safety from where I can move beyond the injury.
I've been doing Ashtanga with Sarah for about 6 years now and as with any of her classes, she is amazing in her ability be curious and adapt exercises to anyone's needs, always reminding us to feel into what serves our bodies, rather than to just do any prescribed exercise." Susan


“My prolonged back-pain disappeared!” Alice

"The experience I have been having through your somatic course has certainly been magical and transformative both physically and mentally. I am already amazed at how the pain disappears from my shoulder every time I practice the exercises you gave me. It is such an introspective experience that I started to notice small signs and niggles that I would normally ignore, not only in my body but also in my mind.
I now realise I should be paying more attention to these signs so that I can safely improve my mobility in my shoulder. This would not have been possible without the guidance from you. Thank you."  Maki


“Thanks for the opportunity to practice Somatics. It's been a great experience learning and bringing awareness to my postural habits and finding gentle movements that help undo areas that I could never quite get rid of. I loved last week's class with the hip hikes never have my mid back, rib cage and hips felt as much space. I noticed the difference after the class as soon as I started  walking. My left hip felt freer and more in line with my right. Can't wait to learn more cogs and bring more awareness to my practice.” Kirstie


“I did 2 ½ hours driving and my neck felt long and space in-between neck and shoulders! So cool, and also I got a swim in the sea after work, heaven.”I am so lucky and grateful to be guided by Sarah into the healing journey with my upper back, neck and beyond.

I’ve had a chronic pain in my shoulders, scapulae and neck for at least 20 years, following few car accidents, ski and horse back riding accidents. Every time, I’d walk more than 10 min, I’d experience quite strong pain in the upper back and neck. I could not be still for too long, since pain would always disturb me. Being a life long yoga practitioner and teacher, I’ve tried it all but nothing would bring long lasting relief.

After just few Somatics Education sessions with Sarah, I could feel a relief. Sarah has taught me not only how to manage pain, if it comes after long hikes, but how to avoid it, how to rebalance over-contracted, tense muscles and how to dissolve that chronic pain. It is close to magic.

Sarah is a beautiful, compassionate, and humble human being – a pleasure to be around. Combined with her background as a life long yoga practitioner, highly experienced yoga teacher and somatic educator, - she is a PERFECT teacher and therapist, both in yoga and somatics.

With huge gratitude for helping me and so many others." Irina Pashkevich


Book a class or course with us

Please click here for our timetable, go to the date of your first class for booking. Contact Sarah 07703599609/ if you have any questions.

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