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Moon Days 2020

The Yoga Hutch is open for practise on moon days (the Full and new moon)

On these days we practise an adapted ‘moon sequence.’

Moon Days 2020

Friday 10 January – full moon

Friday 24 January – new moon

Sunday 9 February -full

Sunday 23 February-new

Monday 9 March-full

Tuesday 24 March-new

Wednesday 8 April-full

Thursday 23 April-new

Thursday 7 May-full

Friday 22 May-new

Friday 5 June-full

Sunday 21 June-new

Sunday 5 July-full

Monday 20 July-new

Monday 3 August-full

Wednesday 19 August-new

Wednesday 2 September-full

Thursday 17 September - new

Thursday 1 October-full

Friday 16 October-new

Saturday 31 October-full

Sunday 15 November-new

Monday 30 November-full

Monday 14 December-new

Wednesday 30 December-full

A description of this class and our other restorative classes can be found here.

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