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Moon Days 2024

The Yoga Hutch is open for practise on moon days (the Full and new moon)

On these days we practise a varied and adapted ‘moon sequence.’

Moon Days 2024

11 January – new moon

25 January – full moon

9 February-new moon

25 February -full moon

10 March-new moon

25 March-full moon

8 April-new moon

24 April-full moon

8 May-new moon

23 May-full moon

6 June-new moon

22 June-full moon

6 July-new moon

21 July-full moon

4 August-new moon

19 August - full moon

3 September -new moon

18 September-full moon

2 October-new moon

17 October-full moon

1 November-new moon

15 November-full moon

1 December-new moon

15 December-full moon

30 December-new moon

A description of this class and our other restorative classes can be found here.

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