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Slow Flow and Meditation

Slow Flow and Meditation 

With gentle creative sequencing, both these classes slow down the vinyasa method and are supported with the deep wisdom of yoga philosophy.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience. If you are new to yoga, Beckys clear guidance will support you on your journey knowing you are in safe hands with a watchful eye. If you are an experienced yogis, slowing down your practice is a wonderful challenge. Deeply grounded and precise movement creates a sustainable practice and is a therapy in itself.


Slow Flow and Meditation to return to a regular class in the autumn

This class will encourage you to listen and become attentive to your practice. To feel into the beauty of potential. Clever sequencing will guide you into postures gently moving the body with a balance of strength, stability and flexibility. The class always starts slowly with the breath and body awareness. It then moves gradually into fluid tension releasing asansa and then back into stillness with pranayama, guided meditation and a deeply restful savasana. The perfect treat for a Friday morning!


Becky Pell teaches both classes with her familiar calm spirit and deep knowledge of the body and mind. Her experience as a yoga therapist enables her to support, nurture and challenge each student appropriately.


"To say I have been inspired by our time away is an understatement, I’ve been meditating at home for the first time (properly!) and did my home practice this morning… loved it!"

Retreat guest


"Thanks so much Becky! I really loved it – made such a massive difference to how I feel in general. Definitely carrying on."


"Thank you so much for the wonderful yoga journey you have taken us on, it was such a wonderful and nourishing experience.​I was lucky enough to have Becky as my instructor for my first yoga lesson ever. I was guided by Becky to move at my own pace and eventually found myself stretching muscles I did not know I could stretch."


"A lesson with Becky proves yoga does not require super powers, it just requires a great instructor.



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