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Workshops, courses and sound baths

Regular workshops and Yin and Gong Baths

6 week Kundalini course

with Marc Muller

The Five Thieves Of Happiness

Sunday mornings 9.30-11am

5 Sept - 10 Oct £65

A six-week course to introduce or continue your journey with this spiritually awakening practice.

As yogis we cultivate our body and mind to reach a state of clarity and calm. When going through our day to day life, we are facing challenges that bring us out of that “yoga mind” and we can easily fall into old habitual patterns. This behaviour of our mind is completely normal. Like strengthening our muscles with regular exercise, we need to practise yoga regularly to cultivate a mental resilience that awakens a state of mindfulness.

“The Five Thieves” are projections that influence our daily behaviour. Greed, Lust, Anger, Attachement and Negative Ego are such projections. Rather than blocking these influences, we try to be aware of them and to re-direct their qualities into energies that serve us better.

This six week Kundalini Yoga course will guide you through these thieves utilising pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation. I invite you to join me on this inner journey to happiness.


Sound Bath and restorative Yin practice

23 September 8-9.30pm at St Mary's Community Hall -


Please join us to experience the profound energy and relaxation from this most amazing ‘sound bath’. A sound bath makes it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there.

In the 40 minutes of the class Kate guides you through a restorative Yin sequence with the background of gently resonating sound.

We then shift seamlessly into the second half  resting completely supported by blocks and bolsters and bathed in the warmth of blankets and therapeutic sound. Simon Walker 'Sound hearts' sound therapist, uses a variety of sound and frequencing with gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and various percussion instruments.

The purpose, and our collective goal, is to induce relaxation and explore personal inquiry. A ‘gong bath’ is a form of sound therapy that cuts through mental chatter creating a meditative state and deep relaxation.

Please bring your own equipment and let us know in advance if you need to borrow anything.

Forget silent meditation, ‘sound baths’ are the new way to get headspace

There’s no actually bathing involved…Evening standard


”Kate's yin yoga class is a highlight of the week - the time seems to slow, your mind clears and your body takes a deep breath of relief. Kate's inclusive and hands-on style mean that each body or ability is catered for, with props and helpful positioning.  A soundtrack of poems and soothing words completes the hour of bliss! I am a big fan of her teaching style and each week offers a learning experience."

”I have not long started my yoga journey and was apprehensive about forgetting what comes next in a Mysore class or even how to get into poses but Kate  has created a very safe space which has empowered me to own my individual practice. Mysore gives me the space to feel though the poses particularly those that I find challenging and enjoy my practice even more. I am very grateful to you and Sarah for all your encouragement.”

“As someone new to Ashtanga, guided classes felt safe and there was a comfort in practising along side others. So despite Kate's reassurances about guidance and cheat sheets I was reluctant to try a Mysore class. However I am so pleased that I did. Working at my own pace I am able to connect with my breath and body to look inward and feel my way into the poses so that the experience is both satisfying and spiritual.”

“I am blessed to have you in my life, thanks for all the awesome tuition and sharing your knowledge.”

“Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to learn and develop a personal practice. The Hutch is a much needed restorative sanctuary for my body and mind.”

Book a class or course with us

Please click here for our timetable, go to the date of your first class for booking. Contact Sarah 07703599609/ if you have any questions.

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