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1-1 yoga classes

1-1 yoga class:

A 1-1 class can be the perfect way to start your practice or alternatively a great opportunity to spend time with a teacher looking very specifically at your practice and needs.

Maybe an alignment and technique check-up is what you need or maybe a deeply relaxing, bespoke Restorative or yoga Nidra class for just you or you and a friend.

We offer 75 minute 1-1 sessions with any of our teachers online, or in the studio when we can.

Please contact Sarah at to arrange a time convenient for you and your preferred teacher.

1-1 Yoga therapy:

Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga practices to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalised assessment, lifestyle management and yoga practices.

Please visit our Yoga therapy page for more information. Becky offers a free no-obligation 15 minute consultation. 


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