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1-1 yoga classes

1-1 yoga and/or Somatic movement therapy


A 1-1 class can be the perfect way to start your practice or alternatively a great opportunity to spend time with me looking very specifically at your practice and needs.

Maybe an alignment and technique check-up is what you need or maybe time to work with a specific injury.

We can work together to understand how and why to move in a particular way and build a sustainable practice.



Somatic movement therapy:

Somatic movement is an effective and gentle method to dissolve pain, release chronic tension and to heal. Your initial consulatation will be longer than subsequent sessions and take at least 90 mins. Here we will look at your posture and movement patterns to so that we both understand where (and why) tension is held and pain is felt so that we can begin to realign, rebalance and find centre. Subsequent 60 min sessions will give you the movements (tools) to increase your mobility and re-balance the whole of your body to alleviate tension and pain so move more freely and with more awareness to prevent injury in the future too.

I offer 1-1 sessions in both Yoga and Somatic Movement.

£65 for 60 mins (£85 for 90 mins) initial consultation for somatic movement therapy)

I recommend a subsequent course of 3 or 5 somatic movement 1-1 sessions and you will be asked to commit to a daily (at home) practice between sessions.

Please contact me at to arrange a time convenient for you.


1-1 Yoga therapy: (online)

Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga practices to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalised assessment, lifestyle management and yoga practices.

Please visit our Yoga therapy page for more information about Becky's online offering. She offers a free no-obligation 15 minute consultation. 


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